Problem with PEM file after upgrade to 9.0.8

Is there a different expectation of ssl config for Postman after versions 7+?
Specifically with a pem file?

I recently upgraded to version 9.0.8 and imported all of my previous configs that were working before the upgrade. I believe I had a version before 7 but can’t remember. The same pem file would be put in the pfx path and all I would have to is put my password in and would have access to any https call I normally would use.

I’ve done quite a bit of searching tried various things like use the pem config option, pull out the crt and select separately because of a possible postman problem with multiple certs in the pem file.

Trying my old way I get an error of BAD_PKCS12_DATA which makes me think I have to configure this completely different than what I’m used to.