Prevent user from logging in

I am currently considering allowing my developers to use Postman for testing APIs they have developed. The nature of the APIs are sensitive and I would like to prevent APIs being stored or logged in the cloud service. I have been able to run the software without cloud features enabled by clicking on the “skip sign-in” option upon install; however, this option is almost hidden and I am concerned some users may miss it and end up registering for an account and inadvertently using the cloud features.

Is there a way to permanently disable the login function? Is there a domain or subdomain I can block at network level that would prevent the use of the cloud features without disabling updates or access to the support area of postman?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi @agoodier,

I would suggest you have a look at the Postman sessions feature which would assist you in keeping sensitive data local to your Postman instance and not be synced to the cloud and also allow you to collaborate with the team and use Postman to its full potential, a similar question is answered here: Personal environment in shared workspace