Pre-request Script:TypeError: Cannot read property 'set' of undefined

My question:
I am getting following error in pre-request script

Details (like screenshots):
I am doing Postman Fundamentals Course by Nat Taylor on Pluralsight and came across this script to create variables to use them in later requests. Please see the script below and let me know if you see any issues and how to fix them.

pm.globals.set(“numberofUsers”, 2);

pm.globals.set(“currentUserCount”, 0);

pm.globals.set(“numberofWishlistAdds”, 4);

pm.globala.set(“currentWishlistcount”, 0);

pm.globals.set(“wishlistIds”, );

const getBooks= {

url: 'http://${pm.environment.get("host")}/books',

method: "GET",

header: "G-TOKEN:ROM831ESV"


pm.sendRequest(getBooks, function(err, books){

const ids =, function(book){



pm.globals.set("bookIds", ids)


How I found the problem:

I’ve already tried:

globala? :smile:

Everything else looks like it should work as far as I can tell.