Postman with SFTP

I am trying to load NPM module for SFTP, so i can read the source files from remote server to import into target server

here is my code which i put in “test” tab

// npm SFTP
pm.sendRequest("", (err, res) => {
   //convert the response to text and save it as an environment variable
  pm.collectionVariables.set("ssh2-sftp-client_lib", res.text());

    // eval will evaluate the JavaScript code and initialize the min.js

//const Client = require('ssh2-sftp-client');

const config = {
  host: '',
  username: 'donald',
  password: 'my-secret'

const sftp = new Client('example-client');

  .then(() => {
    return sftp.cwd();
  .then(p => {
    console.log(`Remote working directory is ${p}`);
    return sftp.end();
  .catch(err => {
    console.log(`Error: ${err.message}`); // error message will include 'example-client'


here the error

Error: Cannot find module ‘ssh2’

My understand is, if i load the npm from CDN, i don’t need to use the “required” keyword. But the error seems it’s caused by NPM can’t install/required the dependency of other modules

Any guru can advices on this? :slight_smile: thanks