Postman VS cURL different mTLS result

I have a certificate which I normally use with my ruby application to connect to APIs that need mTLS.

I have added a new API to my application but my ruby app fails to establish the mTLS correctly. When I try from Postman though, it works as it should.

To eliminate the ruby factor (although it’s a battle tested application and works with many other APIs that require mTLS) I tried using cURL to issue the same request copying it directly from the Postman snippet generator and had the same result as my ruby application, no mTLS connection… same with the ruby Net::HTTP library Postman snippet…

Certificate & Key used is of course the same, I could paste an example of the request here but I don’t think it’s going to help…

I can’t figure out why Postman is successful and all other methods fail… I’m really scratching my head with this for the past days…

One detail: Postman is installed on my Windows 10 machine and the cURL/ruby things run inside WSL 2.0.

Hey @frcake :wave:

Welcome to the Postman Community! :postman:

I’m honestly not sure where to start here :grimacing: - As you’re not really having an issue with this when using Postman it’s going to the programming language route. Ruby isn’t really one that i’m overly familiar with so it will be difficult to me to suggest something here.

I’m not sure how many people in the Community are experts in that area, hopefully some awesome person will pop up and help out here. :pray:

Hello and thanks for your answer!

cURL does the same as well when I copy the request directly from the Postman snippet. I know this question is weird as the issue is as well.

I was mostly thinking if there’s something specifically different that Postman does under the hood when it comes to mTLS VS cURL or anything else in that case…

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