Postman variables is translating to Scientific Notation

the response body as a long numeric guid, when i try to save it to environment variable for re-use… it converts it to Scientific Notation

console.log("1: " + JSON.stringify(pm.response.json().ShaSessionGuid));
console.log("2: " + JSON.stringify(pm.response.json()));

let response = pm.response.json();
savedData = JSON.stringify(response); 
pm.globals.set("savedData", savedData);
console.log("3: " + pm.environment.get("savedData"));

i was able to do this, using string parser… but this prob not a perm solution…

  • still looking for json object that will not turn my guid into Sci Notation

    var textData = pm.response.text();
    console.log(“text Data: " + textData);
    console.log(“ShaSessionGuid: " + textData.split(”:”)[1].split(",")[0]);
    pm.environment.set(“ShaSessionGuid”, textData.split(":")[1].split(",")[0]);