[Postman v11] Run a global function from a child folder

How can I run a global function in a separate folder than the one where it is declared?

Ex: In the pre-request script of the collection I set the following:
pm.globals.set(“collectionGlobalFunction”, colGlobalFunc = () => 3 + 5);

If I call this variable in the same pre-request script of the collection , like this, it works:
console.log("This is global function called from collection pre-request : ");

But if I’m using the console logs into a pre-request of a child folder (in the collection), it doesn’t work:

console.log("This is global function called from step with console output: ");

It gives null.

Note: Before upgrading to Postman 11 it worked perfectly.

Probably one for someone from Postman to answer.

I thought that code only executed from the current request, the current folder, or at the collection level.

If you have folders within folders, I didn’t think it would execute the code in the pre-requests for all of the folders in the structure. Only the current folder.

If it used to work, then fair play, hence I suspect someone from Postman will be able to advise further.

Hey @monica.m :wave:

Having no prior background into your context and only seeing a small sample of where you have used it and not seeing the full Collection to know what colGlobalFunc is doing - I have no comment about this working or not working prior to V11.

I would suggest looking at using the Package Library feature in V11 for scripts that you want to use at a Global level.

All global functions that had been create prior to V11 were done as a workaround for Postman not having this capability in place.

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Hello @monica.m,

All variables declare in a pre-script are global in the sub-hierarchy as long as you don’t use var/const/let in the declaration.
This works with postman v10 & v11.

For function, I use something like this in the top collection.

utils = {
    version: '1.0.2',
    base64url : function(source) {
        const crypto = require('crypto-js');
        // Encode in classical base64
        encodedSource = crypto.enc.Base64.stringify(source)
        // Remove padding equal characters
        encodedSource = encodedSource.replace(/=+$/, '')
        // Replace characters according to base64url specifications
        encodedSource = encodedSource.replace(/\+/g, '-')
        encodedSource = encodedSource.replace(/\//g, '_')
        return encodedSource
    upperCaseFirst : function(str) {
        return str.charAt(0).toUpperCase() + str.slice(1);
    getCurrentYear : function() {
        const now = new Date();
        return now.getFullYear();
    getNextYear : function() {
        return utils.getCurrentYear() + 1;

Next, in subfolders, I use “utils.getNextYear()”.

I always use a “version” property, because I don’t use the new v11 “package” in Postman.
(At the moment, it can’t be used with Newman)

Hope this helps you.