Postman to run Database(Microsoft SQL Server 2014) Queries through Apache Drill

We have the APIs responses, Now we need to verify them. Those values are exactly the same what we are retrieving from the database.

As of now we are verifying them through the .csv file means manually. We run the query, getting the responses and copy/paste into .csv file.

So to avoid manual effort we need to connect database so that we can verify the data through getter/setter method.

To resolve, We are in process of integration of Apache Drill through Postman.

Steps to Reproduce:
1.Java Env Setup.JAVA_HOME, PATH environment
2. Install and start the drill through command prompt.
3. Go to the Apache drill web url http://localhost:8047/
4. Click on storage button-http://localhost:8047/storage
5. Create the New storage plugin.
6. Enter the configuration.

Is someone knows what configuration I need to add?


Looking really forward!!