Postman ran with an elder version of test scripts, but not the one just modified?


Rencently I had some troubles with postman running a test.
As shown in the attached screenshot.
Once the test case had One test,


and I tried to add another test within it.;

and click Save successfully, and rerun. the test results still show 1 test available…

To me, it looks like the postman still reran the test with a previous version!

Have anyone met this issue before and help me out of this problem?
Thanks in advanced.

Hi @sds-postman
Welcome to the community!

please note that pm.test is the test you are seeing in the tests tab.

pm.test can have multiple assertions but test results will show it as one test.

in your case if you need each assertion to be a test, you have to write two pm.test and place the the assertions in each pm.test


Thanks, @jeevananthank . I think your really resolved my question.

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