Postman pre request script,Ä°mport CSV file data

Postman/Pre-request Script get csv file data and save as environment variable

When I do postmande run collection, I add the csv file, but I couldn’t manage to pull this data and save it to environment variables at the pre-request script stage.after that ı will use this varible from environment in my boddy section code to update data on the server.


pm.environment.set(“istenenDeger”, price);

let lojistikmaliyeti = Number(price);


pm.environment.set(“Lojistik Maliyeti”, lojistikmaliyeti);

the code is as above. My first line is the part where I need to define the data I took from the csv file into the “price” object. I left the part where it pulls data from csv blank.

ı tryied pm.collectionvariables.get combination or fs library and split but ı didnt get right conclusion

Using CSV and JSON Data Files in the Postman Collection Runner | Postman Blog

The runner uses a special data dictionary based on the CSV headers, so to reference the values in the CSV file, it should just be data.headername.

For example…


If you just console log the data object, it will show you all of your test data for that iteration as an object.


This looks like it should be a one liner.

pm.environment.set(“Lojistik Maliyeti”, Number(data.price));

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