Postman LIVE - How We Built It: The Postman CLI (February 23rd, 2023)

Discover the design and development behind building new features at Postman in the latest edition of How We Built It.

In this week’s Postman livestream, @pooja-mistry has invited Postman product manager, Malvika Chaudhary to discuss the Postman CLI, a new and exciting feature that was released in Postman v10.

Come ask us your questions and learn how the Postman team built the Postman CLI, a tool that helps you test your APIs from the command-line interface.



In case you missed it, our last stream was a really great one. Senior Developer Advocate @iandouglas had invited @jansche and @saswatds to build an AI powered sentiment analysis tool with Postman Flows and ChatGPT.

Using Azure’s sentiment analysis and ChatGPT via Postman Flows, a low-code tool that allows you to create API workflows, they took control of Jan’s IoT lights to change them based on the sentiment analysis.
Check it out!

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