Postman - How to avoid using data csv files while defining a pipeline in azure devops for postman tests

Hello All,

I have a generic query. I have four different csv files for four different environments which has variables and the value for those variables.

While defining the postman verification tests in the azure devops pipeline, I dont want to use this 4 data csv files. Instead, I want to use this approach.

  1. Retrieve which environment is currently active.
  2. Suppose if the current active environment is Dev, then use these variables and proceed with the postman tests.
  3. If the environment is Acceptance, use these variables and proceed with postman tests.

By using this approach, I dont need to upload 4 different csv files while defining my CI pipeline.

Is there a a way wherein I can do this in Pre-request script or something else.

P.S : I am new to postman. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks in advance.