Postman get - extract data out of zendesk d/b for multiple ids

My question:

I have spent ~5 days and have not been able to make progress.
I am looking to automate a task to make it repeatable for wider team.
You can conceptualise the ask as something like

<select ticket_field_tag from zendesk_db where custom_field_id in (INC123, INC345, INC576)

I have successfully used the postman put collection to perform a bulk update on zendesk d/b via the api endpoint by passing a csv with list of ticket ids.

I want to now extract data using i believe the get, i have the list of custom_field_id in a csv but something is not working.

any help or to the point solution would be appreciated, i do not work in the capacity of a developer nor am a developer but i would like to think i am technical and can understand concepts to get on with and appreciate I.T.

thank you in adv.

Details (like screenshots):

How I found the problem:

I’ve already tried:

You need to paste screenshots of your request and response to give anyone a fighting chance of helping.

First thing is to read the documentation for the API which should explain how to format the request, how the request body needs to look (for example does it take a JSON body) and what headers are needed. Is that documentation available on the web, can you post a link to it or is it behind a support site that requires a login.

I would recommend trying to get the GET request to work without the custom fields to start with. Try and retrieve core info just using a single ticket ID and work from there.

As the guidance when trying to write a post advises. Please include details (like screenshots) and what have you already tried thus far.

thanks, i am a step further with this, the original ask is now achieved with syntax below but i have a couple of hold ups

i have a collection and running the get as per the syntax below


this iterates through the arguments provided in the csv for serviceid

but the result of the ticket is not being saved even though i am setting the option to save and/or download result.

to get the data out , i have to expand each individual get from console window and view in editor, e.g

Response Body
Body is more than 10 KB and can only be viewed in editor.

ideally, i am only after 3-4 fields out of 40 fields that come with the response - what is the best way to do this ?

alternative is to write response body, that is only fully exposed when viewed in the editor, in a single flat file to then perform excel manipulations on.

You can use the JavaScript MAP function to write a new array that contains just the fields you want.

You might also be able to use a straight up “Find” to retrieve the data you want.

However as you haven’t posted a sample response I can’t help with the formatting (and it can be tricky to get either of these working correct).

If you do post a (redacted) response body sample. Please use the preformatted text button in the editor, otherwise it will be difficult to read. The data needs to be formatted with appropriate indents.