Postman Galaxy Training - Galaxy API's 101 - Potential Bug with HTTP PUT to Update Customer

My issue:

  • I think I found a problem with the API 101 badge/training On the PUT step to update a customer ID, I am prompted to enter the following JSON body payload:
    "address": "{{$randomStreetAddress}}"

My requesting going to {{training_apis}}/customer?cust_id=weBJNalj1a, which is the ID from my GET request step beforehand.

I get the "You can only update customers you added using the POST method (and that haven't been deleted)." error.

If I test and re-submit the PUT as a POST it takes me in a loop back to the original stage of the training pre the POST method AKA (“You added a new customer!” )

Hope this makes sense! Thank you in advance

Details (like screenshots):


How I found the problem:

  • Upon completion of initial training collection steps and upon entering the Update Customer action within the collection

I’ve already tried:

  • Entirely restarting the process using a different authorization email ID for the process.
  • I am not sure what else can be tested here, my --header 'Content-Type: application/json' is also valid from the code toolbar

Sorry ignore me I managed to fix it! :slight_smile: