Postman Day-8 Challenge - Issue with adding query params

Problem: One of the 5 tests failed because I was not able to set param value to include one of (‘FR’, ‘fr’) where key = ‘nat’. This is for the Get a french user request.

I set key = ‘nat’ and value =‘FR’ in Params tab for this request.

Could someone help how I could include one of (‘FR’, ‘fr’) in query params?

Kindly refer to the 2 screenshots below:


Thank you very much for your help in advance!

Hey @orbital-module-ast17 :wave:

Welcome to the Postman community :postman:

Please share the full URL for your Public Workspace.

Thank you!

Here is the url of my workspace:

This isn’t a Public Workspace so no one would be able to see the elements within this one.

You will need to change the Workspace visibility from the Workspace Settings, on the Overview tab.

Hi Danny, thank you very much for pointing this out.

I have just set my workspace to Public.

Looking to get some guidance/tips on how to resolve my issue here. Thank you.

Apologies - Timezone’s stop me from doing online all the time :joy:

Looking at your Collection and the requests, I cannot immediately see what the problem is here.

Your screenshot didn’t show which tests was failing, you just circled a test. Can you show which test is failing from the Test Results section, please?

No worries and no need to apologize. Well understood.

I did not change anything in the Get Submit request and sent it. All 5 Tests passed this time! Not sure why though.

Thank you again for all your replies.

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