[Postman Academy] Assertion Error when using Query Parameters

Hi Community,

I’m trying to complete the Postman academy course.

I have this issue.

But in my Param, I have “200 ok” and the for Checkout is already True.
So not sure what is the reason.

Hope to have your advise.

Thank you!

Hey @joshlab

The test name suggests that the checkedOut param should be set to false - Does the test pass is you changed that value in the request?

Hi Danny,

Oh you mean the error means I should set to false?

I thought it means it expect my answer to be true.

My answer was initially false, but it send me the same error though.

Thank you.

I don’t have access to the course you’re currently working through, to know what the flow is expecting. Does the documentation contain the relevant instructions?

I’m only going off the image you posted which contained a test name of:

…query parameters for genre=fiction and checkedOut=false are both set

Reading that test name and seeing what you had in your request, I thought i’d ask about that value :smiley:

Thanks Danny! Managed to resolve this.

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