Postman 30 Day Challange Day 06 - Why do tests 4 and 5 FAIL?

Hi, this is my first post here, and I’m new to Postman as well. I took up the 30 day challange. I’m stuck at Day 06 - Two tests evaluate as FAIL and I just cannot understand why.

I’ve followed the instructions and inspected the test parameters. Is there something I need to change myself in the Solutions Test parameters, as part of the challange?

Here’s a link to my Public workspace as well: Postman


Hey! So that looks like it should be working :thinking:

Can you try to pull whatever changes or re-fork the collection and try again?

Thanks, before your reply, I asked ChatGPT how I could troubleshoot the issue. It was suggeted to try a fresh fork and replicate every step, as there was no apparent mistake from my side.
I did it and verified that it worked! Upon comparing the two collections, I noticed that the Collection ID was different. And this is why I’m replying in detail: The Test Case #3, “correct collection returned” passed. This is why I initially looked for my mistake in test case #4 and #5.
The question, then, is: how could it have passed, when I inserted the wrong collection id ??