Postaman inherit authorization requires manual execution?

Is there a way to AUTOMATICALLY execute the authorization defined on the parent collection, since it is a mandatory requirement for that given request to work?

Hi @augusto-celso-souza !

When you set up auth at the collection level in Postman, all requests within that collection inherit that authorization method by default, unless specifically overridden at the request level. You do not need to execute the authorization manually for each request.

A few things to remember:

  1. Inheritance: Ensure that the individual requests within the collection have their authorization set to “Inherit auth from parent”. This ensures they utilize the authorization set at the collection level.
  2. Pre-Request Scripts: If your authorization requires a pre-request action, like generating a token, you might need to ensure that this is set up correctly.
  3. Variables: Ensure that any variables used in your authorization settings (e.g., {{accessToken}}) are properly set and available either in your environment or collection variables.
  4. Automatic Token Renewal: If your setup involves tokens that expire and need renewal, and you’ve set up a process to renew them at the collection level, then requests should be able to utilize the renewed token without manual intervention.

Hope this helps! :slight_smile:

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