Post multiple requests

Hi guys,

So I am trying to migrate the history of the messaging application of my company into Discord. I have all the data in JSON and I am trying to post it with postman and a webhook.

The problem is that I only managed to send one message at a time. I tried to send test messages in form-data and raw JSON but the only thing that appears in discord is the first message. Is there something that I am missing ?

Are you trying to send multiple messages in one request and only the first one is showing up? or are you sending multiple requests? Please post the JSON that you are using.

Yes, sorry for the misunderstanding. I am trying to send multiple messages in one request.

I have used multiple json formats but here is the one that seems more correct to me.


"message1": [

    {   "username": "User1",

        "content": "Test1"



"message2": [

    {"username": "User2",

        "content": "Test2"




Before I was getting a bad request error, now I get a “cannot send an empty message”.

It doesn’t look like that list of messages is a properly formatted JSON array. Try this:
{“message”:{“username”:“User1”, “content”:“test1”}},
{“message”:{“username”:“User2”, “content”:“test2”}}

That square bracket indicates that the content is an array of messages - so you need it around the message array and not when defining each message.

It outputs as a bad request :confused:

Hmmm… You mentioned that you are loading messages into Discord. Are you getting this message when trying to reach a specific Discord API? Which API are you calling?

Well I contacted discord support and they told me that the API is not designed to send multiple messages.

Thank you very much for your help :relaxed: