Post and put dont appear in body

Hello, I have a problem in postman, when I access the post or put method, it returns error 400 and nothing appears in the body.

I thought it might be an error in the application, but when running on Swagger it works normally.

Postman was working normally and out of nowhere this happened, I already defined the header for application-type json again and it doesn’t work.

The get and delete method works normally.

ASP.NET Core Web API Project

Surely if you are setting the content-type as JSON, then you need to send a JSON body. You can’t just leave the body blank!

I would expect the API to return an error in this situation.

Or are you saying that you used to have a JSON body and its gone?

It returns a JSON body normally, and in swagger it is as JSON, and if I manually type the JSON in the Postman Body it makes the Post

What is not happening is that the JSON content automatically appears in the body, and it was working, I just closed Postman once and opened it again and it stayed like this.

Is there a way to reset Postman or something? I already uninstalled it and installed it again

Look at swagger what happen, is normal here

Sorry, I’m not quite following you.

Not sure what you mean by “automatically appears”.

Can’t you just copy and paste the JSON body from the swagger example into Postman and then re-save the request?

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