Post a file from a URL

My question:

I’m successfully sending local binary files from my computer to an endpoint. What I’d look to do however, is send files which are not stored locally, but available on a CDN, and deposit them into another endpoint.

Business Scenario: I have a DAM with thousands of assets, I want to take a list of assets available on a CDN, that are related to a particular client, and send just those renditions to a clients. I will export a list of URLs, and then use postman to send the contents of the URL directly to the endpoint.

What I’d like to avoid: I do not want to download all of the files locally, and then transmit to the end point. This would be slow, and heavy transfer since we could be talking about 10,000s+ files.

Example: Instead of having this image on my computer and putting it in the Body of the post as a binary, I want to just insert this URL:
Send this image to an endpoint with authorization.

Let me know if this is possible!


welcome to postman community :tada: could you add some example API so that i can try it out