Popularity/sustainability of API development

I hear that APIs will grow in popularity within the next 10 years. If that’s true, what factors could cause a decline in API development?

Complexity - People not keeping things simple on purpose, and making things harder than they should be, giving APIs a bad name.
Trends - Each wave of trends exhausting people into believing that the next tool or trend will save them.
Diversity - Dominance of the cloud providers (AWS, Google, Azure) eliminating diversity from the space and APIs become boring as hell.
Definitions - Lack of adoption of common design patterns and schema making things hard to use, and unsustainable when you depend on tens or hundreds of APIs.
Regulations - Poorly defined and executed regulations giving APIs a bad name, and leaving a bad taste in people’s mouth.

However, in really APIs aren’t going anywhere, because they aren’t any single thing. We will always need programmatic interfaces for applying data, content, and algorithms using web technology–API. How we define, design, deploy, manage and evolve these programmatic interfaces we use in web, mobile, device, and system-to-system applications will keep changing, but we will always be developing new APIs.