pm.sendRequest with SSE : How to access streamed events?


I’m testing endpoints that permit to write data throught POST requests. On success, these endpoint trigger an SSE notification on another endpoint.

Steps of my test are ::

  1. :white_check_mark: Send the POST request
  2. :white_check_mark: Validate basic assertions (like http status, response payload, etc)
  3. :question: Validate that we receive the SSE event on the second endpoint

Problems checking the SSE events:

For the third step I’m doing a GET on the second endpoint with pm.sendRequest but response is not retruned as a stream of events. It waits for the server to close SSE connection (30 seconds) before returning the complete answer (unparsed) :

pm.sendRequest('', (error, response) => {
  if (error) {
  } else {
    console.log(response); // This is returned on connection close


How can I validate that I received a specific event without waiting for connection timeout every time I test an SSE endpoint ?

In other words: It looks like Postman does not permit to access the stream of events for an SSE request, am I right ?

Platform Details:

Version 10.19.14
UI Version: 10.19.14-ui-231031-0841
Desktop Platform Version: 10.19.7 (10.19.7)
On MacOS M2 14.0

SSE, Streamed response, event stream

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