Play to test your Postman IQ

Hello all you wonderful people,
Postman Galaxy was exciting and super fun. We did a couple of activities during the conference and one of them was playing the Postman quiz.

So for those of you who haven’t given it a try yet, fork the collection from Postman Games workspace and get started!

This is a public workspace, which means we’d love for you to contribute. If you come up with any games about Postman, we could add it to the workspace! :partying_face:

Have fun! :dancing_men::dancing_men:


I’m just seeing the new Changes put in to remove the prize code. If we attended galaxy as a paid attendee but didn’t submit during the event do we just miss out?

Hi @bug_nuts ! When you complete the workshop trainings, you’ll see a form to redeem swag and your badge. We’ve removed the prize codes from the game now that Postman Galaxy has concluded, but I am sure you will be satisfied with the swag from the workshops.

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Due to priority tasks at work couldn’t make it to participate in the event, but got time to play this POSTMAN IQ today. The Game was fun loving :slight_smile:


Any chance i can get a link to the workshop trainings? I was only able to fork Galaxy Testing and Automation during the conference.

Hi @bug_nuts you are more than welcome to use any of the training resources in the workspace whenever you like!

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