Persist collection variable values across multiple collection runs

My question:
I have a collection that is scheduled to run every hour. This collection has several collection variables that are programmatically assigned based on logic contained in the pre-request and test scripts of the requests. Unfortunately, the new collection variable assignments are lost after each run.

Details (like screenshots):
For context, I am checking to see if a survey should be sent based on certain conditions. One condition is if the individual has not yet received a survey on this day (e.g., surveySent = false). Of course, once a survey has been sent, this value will be set to true and should remain that way for the remainder of the day.

How I found the problem:
Using “Persist All” in the collection variable tab only makes a one-time persistence of collection variable current values. I need them always to persist whenever they are reassigned. Given the complexities of this project, I cannot use environment or global variables, only collection variables.

I’ve already tried:
pm.collectionVariables.set(“surveySent”, true)