Performance Testing

I am trying to conduct performance testing on one simple endpoint, and when I put in more than a 200 virtual users, the test does not complete. There are not any errors or any indication why. I cannot even get a test with 500 virtual users to run longer than a few seconds. Here is a screen recording of what is happening Runner - Shop Boss API - 2024-04-10_14-15-04 - TechSmith Screencast - TechSmith Screencast

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In the recording, I see that the requests received filter is disabled - if you enable that are you seeing anything displayed on the graph?

I know it says that none are received yet but I just wanted to check. Are you seeing anything on the default settings when running the test?

Thanks for the reply. Where is the request received filter at?

I have tried many scenarios and even at 100 VU for 5-10 min, it terminates automatically after about 1 min. 500VU only makes it about 10 seconds. Even when it says there is another test in progress and to wait, the results of that test are never shown with any other data than beyond the point of the automatic termination. I am not sure if I have a setting not configured correctly or what I am doing wrong. Its only testing one endpoint that is very simple with only 10 datapoints.

Here are some screenshots of my settings:

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