Passing variable in path for Day 02 and 03 of the challenge


I’ve been doing my tasks for the 30 Days Challenge and I’ve found myself a bit confused when doing the “submit” tasks for Day02 and Day03.
In short I’ve tried to pass the key-value pair for {{collection_uid}} in the path using:
pm.variables.set(“key”, “value”) and noticed that it doesn’t work.

Can you please provide me with a method that I can use to insert variables locally in path using a script and not passing variables at collection level like this?

Thank you!

Hey @TandaraFlorinMarius

The syntax in the first image doesn’t look right to me as it says variable not variables. It’s also in the body tab and not the pre-request tab.

Hi @dannydainton ,

Thank you for the prompt response!
It worked like a charm.

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