Passing an ID from a Post to a GET

Hi, I have the following:

  1. a POST
  2. a GET

The POST makes a request and in the return there is a Workflow ID. Something like this:
“box_type”: “id”,
“boxr_code”: “boxy1”,
“hierarchy_depth”: 2

Which returns something like:
WorkBox ID: “1234”

The next step is a GET. I want to GET the results of WorkBox ID: “1234” from the POST. Each time I run the POST the WorkBox ID increments by 1.
My GET has nothing in the body only the url path with the WorkBox ID inserted in…( I need to manually change the number value each time I run the POS ) https://gdsgd. /workflows/1234/BoxResults.

In SOAP I would use the Property Transfer widget between the POST and the GET. Being new and already having made a fairly sizable mess and of minimal technical skill I would appreciate a little help please.
At present I cannot run in a collection because the Post runs as it should and then it gets the GET and it (not surprisingly) has no idea what to do.

Thanks in advance

@elee94: Yes this possible. Try assigning this to a variable and use that in your following request.

pm.environment.set(“workbox_id”, resp.WorkBox ID);

Still not working, please provide more details on your expectation with the response body.