Pass data from one block to another

Hi everyone,

I’m new to postman flows and I need a help from you guys, I’m trying to pass the data from one block to another, the first block is successfully sending the data but the problem is within the second block it is not capturing the data correctly, i will provide you the whole flow in a picture below you can find it.

The pass data is the value of body.responseBody from the first block which is a String “RANDOM12Aw” and that data need to be pass as a param of the second block. I will provide the second block API as well in the form of picture, please check it once.

if you see the picture 2 it is the API for the block 2 and in the place of key i leave it blank cause it need to get the value form the block1. The problem here is the key is empty. The data is not retrieving properly,

Hi @material-technologi9

The key in your request should be ruidKey and the value should be {{ruidKey}} (or whatever you want to call it). {{variables}} are automatically replaced by the value passed into the flow.

thanks @flows-daniel its worked.

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