Parameter value between two numbers

I am trying to import some information from an API, but I want to import the date that falls in a specific time frame

So, how to write a Parameter (created) / Value = greater than “10000” and smaller than “15000”. ?

I tried the following way as in the screenshot, but of course it didn’t work out ;(

Do you mean retrieve some information from an API and then test the response to see if the date is between two values?

Params are used to send data to the API.

Yes, that is exactly what I need to have!

@mdjones sorry, I am not so expert in how to make it, didn’t know what parameters are for

My advice would be go through the Learning Centre basics first as this needs to be done in the Tests tab which is basic functionality.

The basics on storing and testing those responses are covered in the Postman learning available through the learning center on the Postman homepage.


Skip down to Postman Training on the next page.

From here, I recommend the Galaxy APIs 101, and Galaxy Testing and Automation as this covered all of the basics for me. This will include testing the responses.