Open Source Summit, Europe

Open Source Summit is the premier event for open source developers, technologists, and community leaders to collaborate, share information, solve problems, and gain knowledge, furthering open source innovation and ensuring a sustainable open source ecosystem.

This September, I will be Speaking on the topic “Building Resilient APIs: The Importance of API Testing in CI/CD Pipelines”.
Open-source projects depend on collaboration and resilience to meet the needs of millions of users. Maintainers and contributors build trust in the software’s performance by using continuous integration and deployment workflows to detect and address bugs and performance issues early in development. Since APIs have become standard communication methods for software systems, open-source projects need to use high-quality APIs. API testing, including contract, integration, automation, and load testing, is essential in addition to other forms of testing in CI/CD workflows. I will provide practical insights on API testing in open-source projects, covering various testing types through live demonstrations to ensure API reliability and compatibility.

If you’ll be attending this conference, I would love to connect with you!
You can learn more about this event here. And find the schedule here.

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