OAuth 2.0 is shared between all requests and collections

I create a collection and set OAuth2.0 with Grant Type to Client Credentials

If I create a new collection (or request) and in OAuth I want to set Grant Type to Authorization Code I also change the others.
Can I not have two Access Token with two different clients for her different collections (or requests)?

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The Get New Access Token dialog allows you to get an access token from an Auth provider. The details in this dialog only apply for getting the token. Once you’ve got an access token, changing the details in the Get New Access Token does not affect previously created tokens.

If you want to use different tokens for different collections, you can just select the token from Access Tokens list.

You’ll be able to use different tokens with different requests/collections, though storing different configuration for Get New Access Token is not possible yet.

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Any update on storing different configurations for Get New Access Token? It is rapidly killing me to have to update this dialog whenever I switch projects. Sometimes the tokens are not valid for that long, so going back to use previous tokens isn’t a great workaround. Thank you!

I’d like to support this request, all the systems I deal with use OAuth2 and token lifetime is usually <5min.
It would be of great help if I could store multiple settings to get new tokens.

Still nothing on this?

It’s extremely annoying that you cannot save different OAuth2 client credentials sets per collection

Any update on this ?