NPM error ( Network timeout ) when i was to install newman without internet connection

Hi Team,

I am working in a corporate environment in which we are using an RDP machine that does not have an internet connection.

I am getting the below timeout error when I am trying to install Newman PFA. screenshot. Please suggest a workaround.

Note: Node JS has been installed on that RDP machine.

How do you think that the package manager is going to install Newman when it doesn’t have Internet access to connect to the repository?

Have a look at the following.

windows - How to install NodeJS project locally without internet connection? - Stack Overflow

However I would also recommend using an Artifactory to store the modules in as best practice.

Your code repository should just contain code.

The binaries should be in an Artifactory (aka a binary repository).

Microsoft’s cloud hosted version of this is called Feeds, which allows you to add as upstream repository.

You initialise your project, and then configure node to connect to the feed instead of

This will install it from your feed, or connect to npmjs and download it if its doesn’t exist. It automatically copies it into your feed\Artifactory, and version controls it. This means if the product gets pulled from the npm registry, you will still have copies of it.

I’m assuming other products are very similar. The Artifictory will still need Internet access, or you will have to manually add the modules into it.