NO-OP requests or something similar

I currently have some situations where I just want to have a bit of scripting (variable preparation) in a “request” and not send (or receive) any data. For this, I use a HEAD request to Google, as I didn’t want to assume any other service to be available and I don’t want there to be an ugly timeout by querying an e.g. localhost service that might not be up and running yet.

Is there a better way to do this? I really would like a dedicated NO-OP request that doesn’t even require a URL, as I don’t want to give Google a ping every time I run one if those scripts.

I’ve been following this use case for a while. Every time, I end up thinking that a NoOp request might not be the right solution.

Just for my curiosity - what else do you think will help you do this other than using a no-op request? Say, if you got a script that you could add to collection or folder that is executed before every request like a common pre-request script for all requests and then if you could write conditional logic in that script based on the request name?

Or say a script that runs once before a collection run starts?


Sure, a dedicated script item to add to folders would be perfect. As I don’t really send a request, there’s no need for the other tabs. But there’s IMHO no need to make changes to the way collections are executed in a runner.

Ok - This is coming out in 5.4 of Postman App (for native platforms). :blush:


Not exactly what I meant, but still useful, especially the Authorization inheritence. :smiley:

I failed to describe my use case, I have items that “import” different script snippets / libraries by putting them into global variables, then I have a login request with strong cryptography, where I eval each of those “imported” scripts to calculate an HMAC. And I wanted to be able to keep a library of such items to pick and mix what I need with a descriptive item.

Anyway, thanks for all the good work!

There seems to be a problem with the account management, I kept getting logged in with my alt account, despite selecting the main one from the list. Had to clear all the cookies. But the above is me.

PlanetJumble is cool too!!!

Have you tried putting the importing stuff in a script inside the collection or a folder. It would get executed before every other scripts.

In the absence of a no-op, there is also Other possibilities here.

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