'next_val' in 'field list'

I am trying a very simple POST to a working spring data rest running ap. My url is “localhost:8080/poes/” and my JSON payload is as below. I am simply trying to create a new po with id=4 and ponumber40-4. When I send it as a post on the server I get the above error. Where is that coming from and how to I correct it?

The Po entity has only an id and a ponumber

Hi @cpanon
What is the error you are getting?
Can you add a screenshot/logs?

It is coming from the db from a repository invocation to save. What/where is pm sending data from other than the body. That configuration, a simple running spring data rest app with endpoints accessible and a Po object with an id and ponum, should with a post create that object in the db, correct? More details below
http 500
on server
java.sql.SQLSyntaxErrorException: (conn=351) Unknown column ‘next_val’ in ‘field list’
at org.mariadb.jdbc.export.ExceptionFactory.createException(ExceptionFactory.java:270) ~[mariadb-java-client-3.0.4.jar:na]
at org.mariadb.jdbc.export.ExceptionFactory.create(ExceptionFactory.java:358) ~[mariadb-java-client-3.0.4.jar:na]
at org.mariadb.jdbc.message.ClientMessage.readPacket(ClientMessage.java:133) ~[mariadb-java-client-3.0.4.jar:na]
at org.mariadb.jdbc.client.impl.StandardClient.readPacket(StandardClient.java:815) ~[mariadb-java-client-3.0.4.jar:na]
at org.mariadb.jdbc.client.impl.StandardClient.readResults(StandardClient.java:754) ~[mariadb-java-client-3.0.4.jar:na]
at org.mariadb.jdbc.client.impl.StandardClient.readResponse(StandardClient.java:673) ~[mariadb-java-client-3.0.4.jar:na]
at org.mariadb.jdbc.client.impl.StandardClient.execute(StandardClient.java:616) ~[mariadb-java-client-3.0.4.jar:na]
at org.mariadb.jdbc.ClientPreparedStatement.executeInternal(ClientPreparedStatement.java:93) ~[mariadb-java-client-3.0.4.jar:na]
at org.mariadb.jdbc.ClientPreparedStatement.executeQuery(ClientPreparedStatement.java:276) ~[mariadb-java-client-3.0.4.jar:na]
at com.zaxxer.hikari.pool.ProxyPreparedStatement.executeQuery(ProxyPreparedStatement.java:52) ~[HikariCP-4.0.3.jar:na]

That’s not a Postman error…

I’d guess this is realated to your SQL tables looking at that error message.

Maybe this will help;

I believe my issue is more minimalist that that. How/where can I know exactly what is being sent? Yes I know that is the role of the body, but is there anything else that could being sent by pm other than what is in the interface? Yes I know that is self-refuting, just madly groping here:)

Your best bet would be the console log I guess.

I do now believe it has something to do with the sequence generator on the db. From this. I am able to execute flyway scripts so it is configured. Will update. Hopefully others than a mere mortal has a deterministic answer before me:)