[Newman] Using --bail folder doesn't stop the run in case a test case fails

Hello everyone!

I am seeing that if I send by command line --bail folder, it does not stop execution when a validation fails.
They would know why?

Thanks and regards.


Hi @pablovok, the --bail flag gives you optional modifiers which are currently failure and folder

They’re independent of each other.

As per the documentation, folder allows you to skip the entire collection run in case an invalid folder was specified using the --folder option or an error was encountered in general.

That means, if the path of the folder that was specified was incorrect, then the you’ll be able to skip the collection run.
(Feature request that was raised for the same cites the use-case.)

Whereas the failure option is different, it says On the failure of a test, failure would gracefully stop a collection run after completing the current test script.

Your assumption was that if a test failed then the folder should bail out but as explained above, they’re different options for bail, not related.

In order to achieve what you’re trying to do, you might want to build something using postman.setNextRequest or some other ways.


Hi @sivcan

Thanks for your answer.
It is a shame that “–bail folder failure” cannot be sent.
I think both are important, because if you don’t put “–bail folder” it returns as if it were a successful execution when you don’t find the folder. But if it is placed, it does not stop the execution when finding a fault.

Thanks and regards.