Newman-reporter-junitfull - Missing attribute value. attribute: {value}, parent: <property>

I am running into a problem while performing a newman run using junitfull as the reporter and outputting to a .xml file. When i run this command

newman run$(COLLECTIONID)?apikey=$(APIKEY) -e$(ENVID)f?apikey=$(APIKEY) -r junitfull --reporter-junitfull-export C:\agent2_2\_work\_temp\result.xml

(collection, environment, and API key removed)

I then receive the below error

I am using this same command on a different collection and the newman run succeeds with out a problem. I am confused as to what is causing this problem. Any help would be appreciated.

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Any news on this? I have the same issue

This is a community built reporter so it’d be best to log an issue with the author/maintainers. It looks like it’s hosted on GitHub: