Newman - Option to define order of requests through CLI or config?


Is there a way to define the order that Newman should run the PostMan requests?

Use-case: we are running the Postman collections via CLI in an automation process.
Currently Newman is using the order like defined in Postman and in the Postman UI you can define the order that Newman runs the requests. I want to be able to specify this through the CLI or via a configuration file to make sure that no-human error or changing of the order the requests will break a scenario of Newman tests.

This is why you have test automation: to catch any human errors.

Are you trying to fix a problem that you are not having yet?

If you are so concerned about the order, you can just hardcode the name of the next request in the previous request.

postman.setNextRequest("Your next request name");

Using the setNextRequest is one way.

I wondered if the order was also possible to be configured as a CLI parameter.

Example--iteration-data [file] Specify a data file to use either json or csv
But then something like--run-order [file] Specify a JSON file to set the run order of the collection.

Is there perhaps an option to the ordering in the Postman collection JSON file?

see this example you can use similar logic ,