Newman error "unsupported at request inside"

HI All,

Trying too using newman to run a postman export. In postman thee GET call works fine but in Newman CLI i get the error as stated in title.

After some tests i noticed that when i remove the β€˜β€˜v2’’ that is in de api URL newman does not give any error. But alas the URL is than incorrect. Anyone had this issue before

Newmn command i use : newman run a.json e- cert_env_test.json --ssl-client-cert-list cert_vektis_test.json

Information about what how my json files look like.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Kind Regards

Hello, same issue here !

On my side, I don’t have a .pfx file but .p12.
I run the same kind of command using --ssl-client-cert-list with .json file and it leads to error β€œunsupported at request inside”.

Did you find a fix ? Thank you !