Newman doesn't see and doesn't call a number of postman pre-requests

For some reason Newman doesn’t call a number of requests that are available in the Postman pre-request, but only the beginning and the last request. I start Run in postman - all requests in the pre-request are called, but Newman does not see them.

It all started about a month ago, before that, all pre-request requests to Newman were called - OK

npm -version
newman -version
nodejs -version

My question:
Help solve this issue.

Details (like screenshots):

My sendRequest block in Postman pre-request

        // Request #3
            url: pm.environment.get("url") + "/reset/password",
            method: "POST",
            header: {
                "content-type": "application/json",
                "Authorization": "Bearer " + pm.environment.get("access_token")
            body: {
                mode: "raw",
                raw: JSON.stringify({
                    "new_password": pm.environment.get("r.srting")
        }, function (json, response) {
            console.log("access_token_2 is ", response.json().access_token);
            pm.environment.set("access_token", response.json().access_token);

How I found the problem:
I found the reason for this behavior of Newman - the fact that the input data changed in the Postman environment in the Current field, and not in the Initial field, and when the file with the environment was exported to the Git repository, the data in environment.json was old

I’ve already tried: