Newman cli in preview mode

Hi Team,

I have got one api with get request , the api will give the test results in from of the html report, in postman I have got an option to download the report in preview mode , but when it is integrated with cicd we are using the newman cli , I find it hard publish the same report , I have tried use of the custom template for producing the html report , but that report would only give me pretty mode in body session, please let me know how to download the report



I am not sure I have understood your issue. Please consider providing more details.

What did you try from your CI server and what exactly is not working? What is the error?


IAM using Newman cli from ci server ,to hit my collection ,IAM able to extract the report in ht l format ,

But my API has got the HTML interface which would dispaly the test results ,in postman I have option to download the report in preview mode ,

But IAM not extract the same report in new man cli

@yamini.holla It seems your question was answered in this thread How to capture response body data in Newman result report

Please let me know if this solves the problem.