Netsuite collection. creating signature

I am working with the Netsuite REST API Tutorial collection (downloaded from netsuite).

I have everything functioning within postman fine. Able to make all the CRUD calls without issue.
I am now trying to replicate this in my own system but have been unable to duplicate the signature creation that is being used in postman. Unfortunately the documentation from netsuite lacks the information on this as well. I can see it is pulling a unix timestamp and creating a nonce but i do not know the string order and format for creating the signature.

  1. is there a way to export a detailed log showing how it is calculated? I tried to pull the console log but it only shows the values and not how the signature is created
  2. If not, does ANYONE know how to handle this?

Its frustrating to have it working within postman but not have the visibility to replicate it elsewhere.


Hello btobiczyk,
I do have exactly the same problem : no way to reproduce the encrypted signature generate through Postman when I try to connect my C# application to the Netsuite Rest API.
I’ve seen that your post was in january, did you manage to progress on it since ?
Thanks !

There is something strange about how PostMan stitches variables together to build up the URL. If you paste in the URL, rather than the {{REST_SERVICES}} that is built up from the {{COMPANY_URL}}, you get a different signature for the same exact nonce and timestamp values. So you really can’t compare what PostMan is doing vs your own code.