Need to paas JSON array with POST body using collection runner as array has 5000 + indexes


I have a POST API and need to paas the request body as variable as the request body JSON array has 5000 + indexes.
Sample Request Body

“code” : “1”,
“CenterCode” : “1”,
“name” : “CC_name_00111”,
“description” : “”,
“erpId” : “”,
“code” : “2”,
“CenterCode” : “2”,
“name” : “CC_name_0011”,
“description” : “”,
“erpId” : “”,

The API should run only once with all the complete request body.Need help on how to achieve this

What do you need help with? Generating the data? Entering the POST request in Postman?

Entering the post request in POSTMAN using a variable in the request Body

There is plenty of documentation around using variables. Here is the documentation on variables in Postman.

In short, if you already have your data generated, you can just add it in the UI to a variable.
Then in your POST request, just use {{myVariableName}} to reference the variable in your body.