Need to capture value of middle node in postman response

Hi There,

I have a requirement of capturing long integer value using Test script in Postman. The value is dynamic and random every time we send request to server via postman. So I want to store this value in a variable so that I can use the variable in next step. Can you please help me to prepare JSON script to capture the below given integer values.
“applicationMembers”: {
"2299311491589367176": {
“firstName”: “Firstname”,
“lastName”: “Lastname”,
“birthDate”: “1999-09-29”

However, when I am using the below line of code, then I am getting a blank value.

pm.environment.set(“MemberIdentifier”, responseData.result.applicationMembers.value)

Appreciate your help.

Hi @aviation-administra3

Try this;

const resp = pm.response.json();