Need help in Validating the end to end JSON response considering the Arrays

Can some one please help me in writing the tests for validating the response which has multiple arrays and the order of response which gets changed at every run ( For ex: first run id:1 comes first and again if I rerun id:2 comes first ) . The sample response looks like the attached snapshot, can some one help me in knowing the process to validate the response end to end. I tried with multiple assertions but everytime response was not pass sometimes because of the sort issue the test was getting failed . Thank you.


What exactly are you trying to validate?

Specific Ids? Schema? Array length?

Hello, I am actually trying to write a script/test which will verify the response elements of JSON to be as expected … i.e…, when id: 123456789, the Fnm ,Lnm, dob etc., should match to that value of array. To be clear I am trying to write a script which will make my validation of response is as expected …