Need Assistance in Creating a query to initiate a Call

We are trying to create a query to initiate a Call through postman via Cisco CUCM

<soapenv:Envelope xmlns:soapenv=“” xmlns:ns=“”>

Also we are observing Network connection time out error while running the above query

Why do you have the first four lines in the body?

That will make it invalid JSON.

500 status codes are server side

HTTP response status codes - HTTP | MDN (

599 is a timeout error, so its make an initial connect but hasn’t fully completed.

Usually, if you’ve got an incorrect body it should return a client error in the 400 range, but can cause a 500 error if it causes the server to misbehave.

Hello Mike, Thank you for your response
I was referring a Cisco Document
Attaching for your Reference

It doesn’t appear that you have followed those instructions as the requests are using Soap\XML in the body, not RAW\JSON (just as a starter for 10).

I would maybe suggest going back over that document.