Multiple POST Requests to the same API

Urgent help needed! I have used postman on a basic level and overall I am only a beginner with scripting, so please keep this in mind when responding.

I need some help making several POST requests (about 200) to the same rest api (for Pingdom). I have a large json formatted script containing all of the requests, but I don’t know how to make it continue to the next request within the body. It will run the first request successfully, but then stops. I can run each request individually and they will all be successful, but with 200 requests that will cost way too much time and effort, especially if I need to make changes in the future.

Can anyone advise how to accomplish this easily? I’m hoping need to get into parsing the JSON data file since I’m desperate on time and already have the requests all written out in a single json script. Is it possible to somehow indicate when a new request begins so it keeps processing each request?

See the screenshot below. This is generally how my request body looks but only contains two requests.


Replying to my own post. I figured it out with the video below. Super easy!!