Monitoring POST and DELETE Requests

I am new to Postman. We are creating new APIs and I want to add them to monitoring and see their Response time and uptime. I have both Get (Listing) , Add, Edit and Delete APis.

I wanted to, how do we monitor requests are Adding a user, deleting a user editing a user as these require an actual user to be added, removed or edited. How can we do this while we are monitoring the requests as we cannot have a unique objectId for a user for every API request to complete successfully.

Help would be appreciated.

Hi @zonkafeedback and welcome to the Postman community! :smiley:

Could you explained what you mean by this?

we cannot have a unique objectId for a user

I do not see an issue in testing your API as long as you run them in the following order:

  1. List users
  2. Add user (should return a user ID)
  3. Edit users (with previous user ID)
  4. Delete user (with previous user ID)


What I meant was that, when I am deleting a user or editing a user, I would be needing an userId work on?

If I am able to understand your point correctly, you are saying that I write test script in such a way that, First I create a user, get that userId, then run Edit API and then delete it.


@zonkafeedback Exactly. :slight_smile: This article should help with saving data from a previous request to be used in another one:

Thanks a lot @arlemi
Would get back if I have any more questions.

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