Mocking ElasticSearch with Postman

Hi everyone,

I’m wondering if there is a way how to get a response from a postman mocked server based on the request body. I have read about matching algoritm how it works but still want to ask if there is some other possibility.

Real life example:
I have a search service web api that generates a http requests to the ElasticSearch service. The search service is called from a client (e.g. user wants to find something in the material catalog). I want to ensure that the search service functionality wont be brake by anyone else so I’m using postman tests with postman mocking service.
I made some test cases and saw what requests are firing to ElasticSearch so I can make a postman examples and create a mock server. However it is generating the same endpoint address for every call to ElasticSearch - it only differs in body request so I will get same response every time.
I can’t use x-mock-response-name since the request to the mocking server is happening outside of the postman tests.

I hope following illustration will help to imagine the situation.

Any help is greatly appriciated!