Mockaroo - A boon for Test data setup for your API's

Hello Folks!!!

I have been using Postman for a while, and should say I am falling in love with it. And the learning thirst has never been faded away.

During the API testing journey with Postman, my Team Lead suggested a tool for Bulk Test Data generation. And that’s really a simple and great tool. Thought of sharing about it with you all, just-incase you are in need of this :slight_smile:


A boon for Test data setup for your API’s. This helps you to create the realistic Test data, and also number of data requests in just a single click.

Step 1: Create your account:

Step 2: All you have to do is to create a Schema (under ‘Schema’ tab) based on your Test Data requirement. And you can create different schemas and save it based on your projects/test data requirement.

You can use the default options/values provided, else select “Custom” and use formulas.

Once you create your schema, enter the “#Rows:” and you can preview your Test data, also can be downloaded in different formats (CSV, JSON, XML and so on…)

Step 3: You can either use the file for Data driven approach in Postman or you can copy the API link generated below your schema and use that link in Postman as GET request to hit the get new data in run-time.

That’s all, you are done :smiley:

Also you can share your schema to your Teammates by using “Share link” option.

Notes: As a free User you should have limitations for your requests (200/day).

Happie Test Data Creation :tada: No more pain :smiley:


Useful Article :slightly_smiling_face: